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Idea Propose Programme (IPP)

Couldn't find products that exactly suit your need?

Have you experience that the software you bought didn't fulfil your requirement? You need to paid more to buy another software to do what you want to do. Now, here is a chance for you to break this through!

Tell us what you want

Just open a word processor and type in what you want, then send the proposal to us. That's all! We will do this for you!

Idea Propose Programme (IPP)

A product is designed for people to use. We realised that a product is valueless if it couldn't solve the problem for user. Idea Propose Programme (IPP) is a programme for the customers to propose the idea for us to developing new products. Therefore, we are able to develop products that really solve the problem.

May I join IPP?

Everyone could join the IPP! Whatever who are you, where you from, how old are you is also welcome!

What is the benefit to join IPP?

For anyone who join IPP, once your proposal is accepted by us. You are eligible to have a free copy of our product / purchase our products in a special discount up to 50%.

How to submit the proposal?

The proposal may be email to in plain text or RTF format.


For any support, please email to


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