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E-AddChecker 1.5 Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the minimum requirement to run E-AddChecker?

In order to run E-AddChecker, you should have TCPIP connection installed on MS Windows 2000/XP workstation, NT/2000/2003 Server.

2. What is the format of source email address file?

The source email address file is a plain text file where one email address per line.

3. Who do I always receiver "3-error occur"?

There are lots of reasons to cause the error. Some reasons are listed in the following:

- Are you connecting to Internet properly?

- Are you using a router or does your PC behind a firewall? If so, make sure the SMTP port 25 is open in order running the checking.

- The mail server you are checking is too busy to response the request. You may retry the checking again.

- The mail server you are checking denies the access.

4. How come all email addresses return invalid for some mail servers?

The mail server has a rcpthosts list that our domain is not their list. Therefore, it disallows us to query the user.

5. Why some mail servers return valid whatever email addresses I input?

This mail server will accept all email address. It doesn't care what the receipt address is valid or not. For sample, yahoo mail.

6. What's new in E-AddChecker 1.5 version?

The E-AddChecker 1.5 enhanced the language support. Now it supports English, Tranditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

7. How to report bugs?

You may report bugs by email to